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BRIDGE group is part of the Centre of Biological Engineering from the University of Minho. It is located in the Campus of Gualtar, Braga, Portugal.

The mission of Bridge - Bioresources, bioremediation and Biorefinery group is to underpin the transition from a linear to a circular economy by generating, applying and disseminating knowledge on Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental microbiology and Environmental Catalysis, supported on the following principles:

1. Waste is a valuable resource

2. Bioremediation is essential for a clean environment

3. Biorefinery will sustain our future

Bridge has an inspiring research environment based on multidisciplinary cooperation and scientific excellence providing continuous challenges that are embraced with rigor and joy.


Ângela Abreu awarded by NASA and ESA in Frascati, Italy

Value from Urine - FP7 Project funded at BRIDGE

ValuefromUrine is a collaborative research project of Wetsus, centre of excellence for sustainable water technology (NL), Centre de Rescherche Public Henri Tudor (LU), Universidade do Minho (PT), Magneto special anodes (NL), DeSaH (NL), MAST Carbon International (UK) and Abengoa Water (ES). The project is funded by EUs Seventh Framework Programme for Research (Grant Agreement No. 308535) and coordinated by Wetsus. The ValuefromUrine project will develop, demonstrate and evaluate an energy-efficient system for the recovery of nutrients from urine. This technology is based on research on Bio-electrochemical systems conducted in the Wetsus Resource recovery Theme and an urine treatment concept developed in the Separation at source Theme.

Three new FCT projects

Ana Júlia Cavaleiro, Diana Sousa and José Carlos Costa were awarded with FCT projects (543 000 €)

2.5 M€ ERC advanced grant awarded to Prof Fons Stams

ERC advanced Grant awarded to Prof. Fons Stams will be shared with BRIDGE

Professor Alfons Stams invited Scientist at BRIDGE

From December 2010, Professor Alfons Sams is invited scientist at IBB- Institute for Biotecnology and Bioengineering. He integrates the BRIDGE group.

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